nickel foam


Continuous nickel foam is a porous metal material produced by a polyurethane sponge with a three-dimensional open-celled structure as a matrix. The sponge goes through a series of processes including conductive treatment, nickel electrodeposition, thermal deposition and reduction. The nickel foam produced by the roll-to-roll continuous electrodeposition technology is of stable quality and good consistency.

Foamed nickel materials, with porosity of 70%-98% and pore size of 100u-1,000u, consists of open cells in a uniform three-dimensional structure (porosity up to 98% and open cell rate up to 99%). It is almost a completely open-celled structure with good internal transverse penetration and small flow resistance. The nickle foam also shows good heat resistance and rapid cooling/heating resistance performance. The foam is suitable for use at -200 - 800℃, and presents good corrosion resistance (for acids, alkalis and other corrosive media). It is widely used in chemical power supply and other engineering fields.

I. Product features

Pore density: 5-130ppi

Thickness: 0.1mm - 10mm

Porosity: 95% - 98%

Open cell rate: ≥ 98%

Volume density: 0.1 1.0 g/cm3


II. Typical applications of nickel foam:

1. Chemical power supply. Nickel foam can be used to manufacture nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries. These secondary batteries have been widely used in hybrid electric vehicles, cordless power tools, electronic digital products, etc.

2. Chemical engineering. Nickel foam can be used as a catalyst carrier, filter medium and separator medium in oil-water separator, oil-gas separator, diesel exhaust purifier, air filter, etc.

3. Electrochemical engineering. Nickel foam can be used for water electrolysis to produce hydrogen, electrocatalytic and electrochemical metallurgy, and refining and recovery of waste water from the electroplating of PCB circuit boards, electronics, hardware and jewelries.

4. Functional materials. Nickel foam is an excellent shock-absorbing material, and can also be used for sound-absorbing (as an ideal anti-noise material).

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