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development history

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◆ in 2003, the company moved from Shenzhen to Wuzhou, Guangxi, and was officially established in response to the investment invitation from Guangxi

In February 2004, the continuous foam nickel project was formally put into operation.

◆ passed the certification of high-tech enterprises and high-tech products in Guangxi District in January 2005

Panasonic guidance training began in July

Obtain IS09001 and IS014001 certification certificates

◆ won the title of "Wuzhou excellent science and technology enterprise" in 2006

Officially passed the supplier qualification certification of Panasonic energy (Wuxi) Co., Ltd

◆ became a qualified supplier of BYD in 2008

[2009] [HGP] battery nickel foam was awarded the honorary title of "Guangxi famous brand product".

◆ research and development of conductive sponge in 2010

It was rated as [national high-tech enterprise]

"Dynamic nickel foam battery nickel foam" R & D project won the Guangxi area science and technology progress award two prize.

◆ in 2011, the enterprise R & D center was rated as Guangxi enterprise technology center

In June, the conductive sponge project was officially put into operation

◆ in 2012, it was rated as an innovative enterprise in Guangxi autonomous region

Research and development of conductive cloth in April

In 2013, composite nickel foam technology was included in the Guangxi science and technology achievements transformation and extension project.

Set up a Shenzhen office to directly receive customer feedback and quickly respond to market demand

In August, the conductive cloth project was officially put into operation

◆ it is listed as one of the "high-tech research and development projects of conductive sponge" in Guangxi in 2014

◆ in 2015, "ultra thin conductive cloth for electromagnetic shielding" was listed in the innovation enterprise project in Guangxi

In October, the New Fourth Board was listed

◆ in 2020, it was selected into the "specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprise cultivation Library of the autonomous region

◆ selected into the second batch of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangxi in 2021

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